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STC EBU (Enterprise Business Unit) has dedicated its efforts towards widening its business sector customer base by increasing the percentage of sales to medium and large-size companies, providing excellent services and integrated communications solutions which fulfill customers' needs.

The Company has implemented integrated communications solutions in several major enterprises such as the economic cities (MODON), and King Abdullah University.

STC EBU has also provided most commercial buildings in major cities with fiber optics and has executed many partnerships with service providers to facilitate access to customers and re-conduct sales processes.

EBU launched the Data Center service, which is specialized in hosting customers' hardware and applications and storing the information needed by companies as per the most recent safety and reliability parameters. Thus, the Company became the first one in the region to provide Data Center Tier 4 as it invested in its excellence in providing its customers with modern communication solutions and services in the various major governmental and economic sectors. In addition, the Company provided the service of constantly hosting and managing IP solutions starting from transmission services up to technological application services.

One of EBU's flagship services is IP-VPN that is an Internet Protocol (IP) Virtual Private Network (VPN) that operates on the state of the art, Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. IP-VPN service enables customers to connect multiple sites together by creating a virtual private network (VPN). STC IP-VPN service provides secure "Any to Any" connectivity across the entire VPN. IP-VPN supports a multiple enterprise applications including Internet, Data, Voice and Video. In addition, EBU provides Managed Router Service (MRS) which is a value-added service for IP-VPN customers. MRS provides the highest quality and professional expertise that includes supplying of the router, its installation, configuration, monitoring and on-going management thus ensuring an end-to-end high-level service quality. It provides on-going router monitoring, operation, maintenance, updates, trouble shooting and performance reports. Last but not least EBU provides also QoS which is a technology that provides prioritized service for a customer's real-time and mission-critical applications over the rest of the data traffic.

In collaboration with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency the Company developed the point of sale network designed to facilitate purchase and sales processes at shopping malls. A set of suitable solutions has been adopted to promote the quality of service in light of the development and growth witnessed by the commercial sectors in KSA. The transaction takes not more than 20 seconds with a 99% success rate. New, advanced and safe ISPAN technology was introduced to replace the X.25 network in order to cope with all international systems. More than 70 thousand points of sales machines have migrated to the new network which currently accommodates about 140 thousand machines. It will be able to accommodate 300 thousand machines within the next year. Throughout the year, several new solutions and services have been launched as well.

Parallel to EBU's vision and complete dedication to the needs of the business sector in the kingdom, EBU has just launched its new corporate identity as a complete business solution provider for all enterprises from a single source, thus simplifying the communication process and providing businesses with a partner for business success.

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