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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

P.O. Box 8918  Jeddah 21492

Tel: +966 2 6643033   Fax: +966 2 664 3221

Saudi Binladin Group (SBG) is one of the oldest and largest engineering and construction companies in the Gulf region.

Established in 1931, SBG is a family-owned business, incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with its headquarters in Jeddah. Throughout its long history, SBG has been considered a pioneer in the construction industry.

It has grown over the years with a various complex projects into a highly diversified group. The operating divisions of SBG cover a wide range of business sectors and expertise, allowing them to work independently, or synergistically supporting each other on complex turnkey projects.

The Main Operational Divisions of SBG are:

● Architectural & Buildings Construction Division

● Public Buildings & Airports

● Rush Projects Division

● Petroleum, Chemical & Mining

● Operation & Maintenance