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Cloud computing growing in the UAE

Dubai: As cloud computing gains traction in the Gulf, especially in the UAE, the key challenge for organisations in the region is optimise and fine-tune the infrastructure to best take advantage of the new technology. "It is an interesting market and a lot of organisations are keen to move to the cloud this year. The UAE market is similar to the UK," Peter Job , Founder and CEO of Intergence, the independent IT consultancy and professional services company operating in Dubai and Cambridge, told Gulf News.

The global attention that public cloud has generated, largely as a result of the cloud services offered by companies such as Google, Amazon, Rackspace, and, has led many organisations in the UAE to start exploring the viability of capitalising on such services.

The region will grow "more than some European markets" this year. "Now businesses are tackling the decision of what to move to the cloud despite being constrained by security fears," he said.

CIOs are increasingly looking towards cloud based solutions to provide the performance, scalability and accessibility many users demand, which, in turn, has led to increased awareness of the opportunities offered by cloud computing.

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